Training possibilities

Sydalinn   Keila-Joa

Tallinn city centre
1:4 000 h=2,5m


1:10 000 h= 2,5m

Koitjarve   Nelijärve

1:10 000 h=2,5m


Nelijärve + MOBO
1:10 000 h=2,5m


Pirita + MOBO

1:10 000 h=2,5m

Additional training opportunities with map overprinted with controls. Control points are marked in the forest. For training maps, please contact the secretary – (info [at] The price per map is 5.00 €.

Locations of the training maps can be found here: map


Extra training option WMOC Sprint Model – Saturday, 6 August, Northern part of Tallinn Old Town

The Model Event demonstrate the terrain types of the WMOC and TOW 2016 competition areas, map quality, control features and the positioning of the controls. SI-system is used in model events, 

also start and finish are similar to WMOC and TOW competitions. Control descriptions will be printed on the maps. There will be toilet facilities at the venue.


Other services: first aid.


Start at a freely chosen time between 11.00-16.00

GPS: 59.441908, 24.750560

Bus stop GPS (15 min): 59.442136, 24.751921


Map can be bought in Model Event competition center at information tent. Price is 5 EUR/map.  


Driving instruction and parking
There will be very limited parking area for cars and a place for buses to stop for 15 minutes in the Competition Centre. Car parking will be possible in paid parking areas in Tallinn parking fee in Old Town area is 0,1€/min. Exact bus parking area is located here!